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Autumn 2015 was one of the most beautiful time that I ever had. I was 5 days with my Classic trio partners in Nürnberg,Germany and we had a wonderful time  with recording and concert of the programm from Bohuslav Martinu. 
Thanks to Bayerische Rundfunk and Classic marimba trio. It was a really amazing experience to work with the top recording team in BR  and to play so wonderful music with  outstanding marimbists.
I am looking foward to see the CD coming out !!

Columbia Series...


Radio Interview from Emisora Hjut 106.9 Bogota. Sebastian Efler has shared his percussion experiences and general percussion music development. 
The same night he has played an interview concert. Program included J.Thower,Keiko Abe,Sebastian Efler.After playing,he introduced the pieces and the instrument.
It was really interesting and facsinating for the audience.
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Old music night! Concert was hold in Fraternidad Rosa Cruz de Colombia.It's a very peaceful and beautiful little temple.
Very special combinations.
Sebastian Efler cooperates with two outstanding old music musictians-
Eleonora Rueda, Fortepiano and
Olga Johanna Marulanda, Classic Oboe.
Lv.Beethoven,Jacques Wiederkehr has been played before the intermission.
Sebastian Efler played A.Thomas,J.Thrower and his own piece in the second half.
Marimba Recital in Theater Colon
K.Abe: Variations on Japanese Childrens Songs
T.Golinski: Luminosity
S.Efler: Rotation Loops
Percussion Concert in Uniandinos Auditory.
The last concert in Columbia and the most successful one. 
Program were including:J.S.Bach: Partita No. 2 
A.Thomas: Merlin;S.Efler: Crushbrooms and B.Hamilton: Interzones. 

Sebastian Efler recieved standing ovations after the concert and presentation. 
Jose Daniel Ramirez from the HJUT Radio Program 106.9 Bogota presented officially the Spanish version of the newest CD released by Sebastain Efler which was sold the same evening for a special prize.


Bucaramanga Masterclass&Vibraphon Concrert

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The students learned about the basic technique on timpani (all systems), Marimba, Vibraphon and snare drum. 
They were very interested and open for new ideas and the Percussion teacher Jhon Ciro did a tremendous work to motivate all students to come.  It was a really successful master class.
The same evening Sebastian Efler played a big Vibraphone recital at the reknowed concert hall "Luis A. Calvo Auditory" in Bucaramanga which was almost sold out. Sebastian Efler played the complete 2nd Partita for Violin on the Vibraphone and Bruce Hamilton's Interzones.
To complete the program he added 2 Snare Drum pieces. One of them was the brandnew solopiece "Crushbrooms", composed by Sebastian Efler and as introduction "Tchik" by Nicolas Martynciow. 

Gremany Percussion Recital

A successful percussion recital.  The Partita 2, BWV.1004 from J.S Bach was played on the vibraphon with intellegent thinking and sensitive musical expression. His own snare drum piece “Crushrooms“ was premiered in this concert.
Of course, the classic marimba repertoire was not forgotten!Merlin from Andrew Thomas was played with special interpretation and amazing technique.
With friendly introductions,the audience were easily getting into percussion music, knowed more about this kind of music and the young talent musician. 
Germany Marimba Festiva March 2015
Organized by Bamberg Musik Schule and Mr. Slawomir Mscisz.
Sebastian Efler gave marimba and percussion master class in Bamberg,Germany.
At the concerts he played solo marimba program.
*Classic Marimba Trio presented "Marionettes" by Bohuslav Martinu.
*C lassic Marimba Trio founded by Slawomir Mscisz, Magdalena Myrczik,Sebastian Efler
Taiwan Mei-Ling Percussion Music School Solo Performance
                                                       December 2014
Invited by Mei-Ling percussion music school to the anual festival concert.
Luminosity by Tomasz Golinki had been played in this concert.
"I think that there is a big musical potential in Mei Lings students. It makes me very proud to have had the opportunity to listen to their concert and to be a part of this big percussion event." ~Sebastian Efler
Taiwan Percussion Recital & Masterclass 
                                                    December 2014
The solo percussion recital in Taichung,Taiwan is organized by
Tung Hai University.
The most classic percussion repertoire like Tchik by Nicolas Martynciow , Omar by Franco Donatoni,Toccata by Anna Ignatowicz Glinska had been played at the concert.Also the marimba solo piece by his own "Raotation Loops"got the Asia premiere on this stage. 
He also gave the marimba master class in the university and had a good connection with the students in Tung Hai.
L PolandoMarimba Festiva   october 2014
Organization by the "Bamberg Marimba Festiva International Competition "
and Mr.Slawomir Mscisz from 28-30 October,2014.
A Marimba workshop in Krakow, Poland.
There was Marimba Master class,Marimba Solo concert and Marimba trio work together with Slawomir Mscisz, Magdalena Myrczik.