1. Maeimba


Beyond Hope and Fear for solo Marimba 
Gretel Verlag published
Sebastian Efler's  first work for Marimba. The work, composed as a fantasy for marimba represents an emotional struggle between fear and hope, hopelessness and courage.  The emotionality of the huge piece takes the audience to a 15 minutes long journey with a big variety of colors and melodic lines. Between choral passages and virtuosic moments it is technically, but also musically a big challenge for each advanced marimba performer. 
Rotation Loops 
for solotmarimbaet,*2013
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Rotation Loops is one of the most challenging pieces ever written for marimba. It has 2 movements that fade one into the other. The first movement, called "Mysteries of faith and humanity" represents a long choral, full of philosophic messages, and religious atmosphere. It tells philosophic questions about religion, using colors and harmony as a language to make the message clear to the audience. In the moment of most tention the movement fades into the second movement, which is called "Loops". It is a crazy journey of joyful emotions and movements. Technically very challanging the piece moves fluently between waves, harsh chords and jumps. 
The complete lenght of the piece is about 20 minutes. It is one of the longest pieces ever composed for marimba solo. 

for Solo Snare Drum
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A Sample Title
Composed in one single movement.Crushbrooms tells a story about one specific sound in the world of snare drum playing. The crushed buzz roll. It's a sound produced by pressing one stick on the drumhead to produce a crushed, short roll. Combined with the tecnique of using brushes (brooms in percussion world) these two elements defined the title of the piece. In the second half of the piece the performer will be asked to improvise and to use his voice to produce rhythmical structures while playing on the snare drum. Duration of the piece: 12 minutes minimum.

for solo Snare Drum

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Fractions is a Snare Drum Solo Piece in the form of a classical sonata. It contains 4 movements, the first one is a rhythmically very complex variation movement in the style of a traditional Snare Drum Solo Piece. the second movement is a scherzo, technically highly demanding and fast in tempo, the third represents the slow movement asking the performer to use 4 different kinds of sticks at the same time, playing with four mallet technique to get a high variety of sound colors. The last movement is a rushing finale using traditional Snare Drum techniques again. The piece requires a high knowledge of the possibilities of the snare drum and is very rich in contrast and colours. 
CD Light beyond the Darkness rotation Loops
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Joseph Schwantner : Velocities-Moto Perpetuo
Tomasz Golinski:      Luminosity
Emmanuel Sejourne:  Prelude
Andrew Thomas:        Merlin
John Thower:          True Colors
Sebastian Efler:        Rotation Loops
CD Light beyond the Darkness omar
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Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita Nr.2-d.moll für violin solo
(Arr.Sebastian Efler)
Franco Donatoni: Omar
CD Beyond hope and Fear *2013
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Iannis Xenakis: Rebonds
Kayunori Miyake: Chain
franco donatoni: omar
Anna ignatowicz glinska: Toccata
Nebojsa jovan zivkovic: ilijas
sebastian efler: beyond hope and fear
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